Lydia Fulleylove


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The Boy in the Icehouse

Poems & extracts from Estuary
Two Ravens Press, October 2014

9 February

In the Winter Barn

At 81, Malcolm climbed the oak tree

30 December

By the broken jetty

seaweed on pebbles

Poems & extracts from
Estuary - Two Ravens Press, October 2014


which staggers out
into the river
we settle on the bench
my father hunched
wool cap shading his eyes

I chatter and fret
leave him
and feel for the thin path
between reeds
flickery, purple-headed

reeds criss-cross
tickle my neck
I brush in - out
of pools of dark
dense as sleep

back, beside the jetty
the tide creeps out
mud, bladderwrack, sticks
stumps of jetty growing
salt on the wind

water smooths
skims, retreats
signs off
in a silver channel
a backwards S

black-tailed godwit feed
my father is quiet
I am quiet, I have stopped
my father looks up
he looks out

when we walk away he says
it's not a pushing kind of place
it's a gentle place
we see the gleam of the mud
the godwit lifting delicate-jointed legs

Lydia Fulleylove